There are many types of yoga. Some types even use props! Chair yoga is an example of this, featuring, well, you guessed it—a chair! It is so simple, comfortable, and easy on the muscles that you won’t even have to get up from your seat.

The Same Benefits

Chair yoga is amazing, because you unlock all of the same benefits that you would unlock without a chair. You can adjust many asanas to fit in a chair, and all of them will help you in the same exact way. This is especially useful if you have a hard time standing for long periods of time or if you just have chronic muscle pain.

Even if you are hoping to become a more advanced yogi, chair yoga still may be for you! The most spectacular thing about this type of practice is that it can be translated at any level. No matter how advanced you are, chair yoga will still always challenge you and push your boundaries. Don’t worry—it’s for beginners too! The best part about chair yoga is that it is completely versatile!

The Many Poses

Building strength can be difficult at any age, but it can be especially hard if you struggle to stand or hold your balance for long periods of time. That is why chair yoga offers a wide array of poses that you can either do using a chair to sit in or to help you hold your balance.

Here is a list of just a few poses you can do from a sitting position:

Cow & Cow pose
Raised hands pose
Forward bend
Extended side angle
Pigeon pose
Spinal twist
Eagle pose
Warrior I pose
Warrior II pose

Some poses are as simple as letting your head roll forward while keeping your hands on your knees, while others are more advanced and involve using the chair simply as something to grab onto. You can effectively stretch your back, legs, core, neck, and arms—all from a chair!

Why Chair Yoga Can be Better for Seniors

As we age, our bones and our muscles age, as well. For those reasons, yoga can be much harder on the body of a senior. However, if you add a chair into the mix, you have an extra element of support. With that support, you can get into poses that you never even dreamed of!

Both your muscles and your joints will thank you if you add a chair to your yoga regimen. It will help take some of that extra pressure off, whilst still allowing you to get that oh-so-important exercise. Plus, if you are ever confined to a small, seated space, such as an airplane seat, you can still get in a little bit of practice! Even if you decide that chair yoga is not for you all the time, it is important to learn for those times that you have to do your regimen in a cramped space.

So Why Not Add a Chair?

So what are you waiting for? Your yoga self is your best self, and there is no excuse when you can even do your regimen from the sitting position. Pick up a chair and get to work!