Staying active is always important for happy aging, but a lot of exercise types can be painful and harsh on the joints. Yoga, on the other hand, is a personalized experienced, meant to only push you as far as you can go. Yoga focuses on personal boundaries, meaning you are in control of how far you press your regimen. Not to mention, you get the chance to meet lots of other people your age!

Your Body, Your Boundaries

While many exercises can be tough on your joints and muscles, yoga will only push you as far as you allow it to push you. If your body tells you that you are toeing your boundary too much, you can always loosen the tension in your body by reducing the pose, or even by taking a break if you need it!

It is important for all yogis to understand their boundaries, and I can guarantee that your body will help you find yours. While your instructor’s pose, or even some of your classmates’ poses, may look different from yours, that does not mean that you are doing it incorrectly. Always remind yourself that yoga is different for everybody. Only push yourself as far as you are comfortable going, and over time you will become a better yogi. Never forget: slow and steady wins the race!

A Yoga Body is a Healthy Body

Whether you are a previously health-conscious individual or if you are just deciding to get in shape, yoga can help. Yoga is an ancient East-Indian practice that eases the muscles and joints into a number of different poses. Each and every one of these poses serve a different purpose, unlocking various health benefits. As you move through each yoga regimen, you are closer to being a healthier you.

So what are some of ways that yoga can help your health? Well, yoga will do more for you than your everyday cardio or strength training. Here are just a few health benefits that yoga offers:

Better Breathing – Yoga is one of very few types of exercise that actually helps you breathe better. All of the different poses and movements require a soft breathing element that will train your lungs to function to their fullest. The more yoga that you do, the lighter your lungs will feel. Breathing will feel as smooth as it should.

Better Circulation – Poor circulation can be uncomfortable, leading to fluid retention and even swelling. Luckily for you, powerful yoga poses can improve your circulation. As your blood starts to flow, your circulation will get increasingly better. Every day that you invest into your yoga regimen is another day closer to healthy circulation, but remember not to push yourself! Your circulation will improve over time, regardless. Doing what is comfortable for you is key.

Weight Loss – Perhaps your doctor told you that it is time to lose a few pounds. We all know how that feels—not good. Well, yoga may be the perfect solution. Without pushing you too hard, yoga can help you lose weight, not only by pushing you to exercise, but also by improving your digestive function!

Stress Reduction – Stress affects us all. Fortunately, yoga is the perfect treatment for that overwhelming anxiety. While all exercise releases those feel-good endorphins, other forms of exercise can be hard to manage, and they oftentimes do not feel relaxing at all. Yoga, on the other hand, is a practice proven to reduce stress levels not only after your regimen, but even during. Who can say no to relaxing exercise? It almost seems like an oxymoron!

Increasing Flexibility – When you first start yoga, you will likely feel quite stiff, and that is just fine! It is completely normal. However, the longer you keep up with your regimen, the more flexible you will become!

Digestive Improvements – Yoga helps move all of those toxins through your body by challenging the lactic acid in your muscles and aligning your body just right. There are special yoga poses to make sure your digestive system is in perfect working condition.

No More Loneliness

One of the most difficult parts about growing older is that sometimes you can end up feeling a little lonely. Perhaps, you’re retired and you do not get to see the folks at work that you used to. Maybe you have not seen your kids in some time. No matter what your situation is, you are not alone. There are many others in your age group that are looking for friendship just like you are.

Socializing is important for your mental health, and why would you not take care of both your mental and physical health? The answer is: you should! Pairing them together and meeting people your age whilst getting some exercise can be the perfect solution to an inactive and lonely lifestyle. Meet people with similar interests and similar mindsets and use these new friendships to better your regimen each and every week! Working together with others in your age group is what makes yoga so much fun!

So What are You Waiting For?

Yoga offers a wide array of benefits, both physical and mental. If you want to breathe better, feel better, and make some friends in the process, yoga just might be for you! This beautiful, ancient East-Indian art has no age limits, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a yoga mat and get to practice! Your body and your mind will thank you.