One of the most amazing benefits that yoga offers is that it can, quite literally, prevent illness, disease, and it is doable for people of all different shapes and ages. Not only does yoga help prevent illness and disease, but it also offers relief for those already suffering. So no matter what kind of state your body is in, yoga may be able to help you!

Don’t believe it? Here are thirty ways that yoga will help your body.

Better mental clarity

As we age, sometimes the clarity of our mind diminishes. This is just a reality we face over time, but that does not mean we can’t improve! Even after your first yoga regimen, you will find there is a noticeable difference in the way that your thoughts process—and I promise that difference will be a positive once.

Lowering blood pressure

If you struggle with your blood pressure, yoga may be perfect for you. Specific yoga regimens help lower the pressure of your blood-flow and that will make your body happy.

Improving lung capacity

Sometimes, as we age, our lungs begin to give out. Breathing may become more difficult. You may not be able to walk as far as you used to without feeling like the wind has been taken away from you. If that rings true for you, yoga can help. The practice improves your lung capacity, making breathing easier each and every day, both when you’re on your yoga mat and when you’re not!

Relieves symptoms of arthritis

Arthritis is quite common, especially in our golden years. Sometimes, it feels like movement is the worst thing for it, but in actuality, yoga is fantastic relief for symptoms of arthritis. Bikram yoga is especially useful for this kind of relief.

Spinal alignment

If you suffer from back pain, your spine may have poor alignment. Yoga helps your posture and in turn, helps align your spine! This can help prevent injuries when you are doing day-to-day activities, including things as simple as climbing the stairs and getting in and out of the shower.

Heart disease prevention

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and kills 610,000 people every year—just in America. This very real disease is something that affects many people, and the odds of developing only increase in old age. However, it is something you can prevent! Yoga pushes heart disease away by encouraging weight loss and the lowering of blood pressure.

Joint lubrication

Even if you do not suffer from arthritis, your joints may start to cause you pain over the years. Physical stress sometimes worsens this, but yoga will not! Instead, yoga will help your joints, by lubricating them. It will help your tendons and muscles as well!

Encourages spirituality

Some of us have a harder time finding our “happy place,” or in other words, our spiritual place. Yoga not only encourages meditation, but it also helps to connect more with yourself and your beliefs. Spirituality is a positive step towards a healthy mind.

Discourages hot flashes

If you are a woman in your golden years, it is likely that you’ve experienced those miserable hot flashes. While you can sometimes treat them with natural methods, one of the best natural and physical methods is by doing a little yoga. It will help deter those nasty sweats.

Relieves diabetes symptoms

Sadly, there is not yet a cure for diabetes, but yoga is something that can help you combat some of the symptoms associated with it. Not only does it improve circulation, but it also encourages good digestion.

Prevents strokes

Yoga is fantastic for your cardiovascular system, meaning that your chance of stroke decreases when you involve yourself in the practice.

Makes for a better immune system

Our immune systems are one of the things that start to worsen over time. That is a natural part of life, but we can most certainly do our best to make it the best that we can! Yoga helps the immune system, immensely, which is what makes it perfect for seniors!

Keeps your sodium down

An overabundance of salt in your diet can lead to a number of problems. Unfortunately, there is a lot of sodium in most things that we eat today! If you’re lowering your salt intake, try adding a little yoga to your plan. It will help your digestive system adjust.

Relieves scoliosis symptoms

If you suffer from scoliosis, light yoga can help you by helping you build core strength. It also stretches out your back to rid you of that annoying, dull pain that you likely experience all day long.

Helps your sex life

Sure, this subject may seem a little taboo, but it never hurts to spice up your personal life! Yoga can give those hormones a boost and increase your stamina, as well as your flexibility!

Improves your memory

Did you know that physical fitness can help your memory? Well, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for it! There is no reason to let your memory slip when yoga can stimulate your brain, including your memory!

Increases your red blood cells

If you struggle with your red blood cell count, yoga can help. Your red blood cells are what move the oxygen through your body. Yoga stimulates these cells, pushing your body to reach its peak wellness.

Relieves allergy symptoms

Allergies are sometimes something that we never grow out of, and the symptoms can grow worse in our golden years! Yoga can naturally help relieve some of those pesky allergy symptoms.

Helps alleviate gout symptoms

Gout is a painful affliction to the big toe, but you can combat those agonizing symptoms with a little yoga. This is because yoga relieves you of the pain caused by buildup of uric acid.

Betters lymph circulation

Stimulating the lymphatic system is what allows yoga to improve your circulation in your body.

Relieves Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis is an extremely painful disease that attacks the nervous system. There are poses in yoga that are specifically meant to help with the terrible symptoms of MS.

Naturally detoxifies

If you need a little help detoxing your body, yoga can help. There are types of yoga that are literally meant to help you do just that.

Relieves pain associated with migraines

Migraines can be absolutely miserable, especially if they are chronic. Yoga can help relieve you of some of the pain associated with migraines, helping you clear your head and rid yourself of that terrible agony.

Lowers blood sugar

Yoga can, quite literally, help lower your blood sugar. Holding a steady yoga regimen can help you control your blood sugar better, which is also how it helps with symptoms of diabetes.

Improves complexion

As our bodies age, our skin ages as well. Sometimes, that includes our complexion. However, yoga is almost like the fountain of youth! If you incorporate yoga into your daily routine along with a healthy diet, your complexion can improve in as little as a month!

Complements physical therapy

If you are already partaking in physical therapy, yoga may be a good supplement to help your joints and muscles. Make sure that you ask your doctor first, of course!

Treats insomnia

The deep relaxation that yoga induces can help with insomnia, if you are a sufferer of sleeplessness.

Relieves constipation and digestive problems

Constipation, while it seems like a taboo subject, can be uncomfortable. Yoga helps relax the muscles and improve the digestion system to relieve you of this unfortunate symptom.

Manages anger

If you are a little bit of a hothead, you may be turned off by the idea of yoga. However, it can help you! The practice has been shown to help people control their anger by calming their mind. It can help you too!

Slows the aging process

The most amazing thing about yoga is that it, quite literally, can slow aging, and in some cases, it seemingly reverses it! Your body will feel healthy much longer if you decide to add yoga to your daily routine.

If you did not have enough reasons to do yoga, there are thirty more, all that can positively contribute to your health. What are you waiting for? Yoga is for everyone, especially silver foxes just like you! Grab a mat or a chair and get healthy!