Black Creek Community Health Center – Yoga for Seniors!

Happy Aging in collaboration with North York Community House are continuing delivering great chair yoga sessions for seniors caregivers . This time the classes will be held at Black Creek Community Health Center.  Are you 55+? Are you caring for a family member or friend? Join us!  Mondays from March 13 to April 3 Black Creek Community House, […]

Imdadul Center Senior Caregiver Program

Spend your Saturdays at Imdadul Center working on your core strenght, good posture and stress reduction! Happy Aging&North York Community House yoga session for seniors caregivers! Every Saturday from 10.30-11.30. Imdadul Center 26 Le Page court, North York, Toronto  From January 8 to March 4

Happy Aging Yoga For Caregivers @ York Woods Library

Happy Aging&North York Community House present an 8-week chair yoga session for senior caregivers to improve your posture, manage stress and stay healthy! The sessions are taking place every Wednesday from January 18 to March 8  at York Woods Library (from 10 to 11am).  The maximum number of participants is 25.  Please call 416-395-5980 for […]

Korean Women Association and Happy Aging

During Septemer on Fridays from 2.30pm at Bathrust/Finch Community Hub (Room 2) Happy Aging in collaboration with Korean Women Assosiation presents yoga based programs developed by Happy Aging team. This coming Friday, September 9th Happy Aging presents: ~Vocal Yoga~ Practice yoga with a special focus on the sounds we make. Singing is a stress reducer, […]

How Yoga Helps Aged Joints and Muscles

As we age, so do our bodies. However, there are some ways that we can help our bodies feel young, and sometimes, we can even go as far as to slow the aging process! Yoga is just one of many things you can do to help your body feel its youngest.

Workshop – Benefits of Leisure Activities for Seniors

Happy Aging in collaboration with Korean Women Association and PALS  (Preventing Abuse of Loving Seniors) presents: Benefits of Leisure activities for Seniors March 18th 2016 1-1.30 Presentation on Benefits of Leisure activities 1.30 -2.30 – Chair Yoga Class Location: North York Community Hub, 540 Finch Ave West -Toronto, Canada Presenter and chair yoga instructor: Dragana Despotovic […]

Why You Should Never Rush Your Yoga Regimen

It can be tempting to try and attempt that crow pose, but maybe you don’t think you’re ready for it just yet. If that is the case, do not push yourself to do the pose. When it comes to yoga, you should never rush yourself. Holding your own pace is important. Here is why.

30 Ways Yoga Helps Prevent Illness and Disease

One of the most amazing benefits that yoga offers is that it can, quite literally, prevent illness, disease, and it is doable for people of all different shapes and ages. Not only does yoga help prevent illness and disease, but it also offers relief for those already suffering. So no matter what kind of state […]

How Yoga Will Make You Feel Young Again

Staying active is always important for happy aging, but a lot of exercise types can be painful and harsh on the joints. Yoga, on the other hand, is a personalized experienced, meant to only push you as far as you can go. Yoga focuses on personal boundaries, meaning you are in control of how far […]