Apart from regular yoga asanas performed on a chair, our Brain Stretches program includes physical exercises that improve work of both brain hemispheres. The program consists of yoga asanas with a special focus on movements that bring both halves of the brain into mutual communication. It is excellent for stretching memory and keeping seniors’ minds sharp while staving off dementia and promoting brain health. 

In the opposite of what is widely believed that some people are more “right-brained” or “left-brained”, neuroscience are trying to explain that nothing about our brain is that simple.  The brain hemispheres should communicate at all times in order to manage stress, keep calm and alert.  The series of cross patterned exercise will haveThe cooperation between the right and left brain is essential for us to learn better, function smoother and become proficient in whatever we are doing.

In a series of interesting cross-patterning exercises, concentration exercises and breathing techniques not only that the seniors will work on stretching the muscles and minds but will share lots of fun moments with other seniors in the group.