Happy Aging Mind Breeze program includes physical movements and mental exercises that support the fullness of life.  Participants will learn how to breath consciously, how to relax all the muscles and calm the mind. It will help them to step back from everyday worries and approach the life from some other

Mindfulness meditation teaches us how to live “here and now”. By simply bringing the attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, we are unlocking all the amazing benefits of meditation.

Sounds incredibly easy! It actually is! As we become aware of the breath we naturally become more aware of our thoughts, feelings,  sensations and emotions. Conscious breathing soothes the nervous system and creates the sense of well – being. Deep breathing is critical for keeping the muscles strong and the lungs elastic. 

As we age we tend to suffer more from anxiety than usual. This happens because of the stresses of health problems, losses and other major life changes. Not only that the senior who meditate on a reguala basis will effectively reduce the rumination and worry, which cause depression and anxiety, but will also learn how to cultivate balance, inner peace and calm in their every day lives.

On the quest for overall better quality of life, Mindfulness Meditation program will be your best friend!