Gentle Hatha Yoga is an easy-to-learn basic form of yoga.  It incorporates slightly modified yoga postures (easier to perform), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation.

It is performed on the yoga mats (or just a towel if a mat is not available). Gentle Hatha yoga is perfect for the elderly as it is less strenuous and more laid back style of practice.  The ultimate aim of this kind of practice is to make sure that the practitioner does not experience any discomfort while performing the pose. Even though it is gentle and the pace a little bit slower than usual, seniors will still try all sorts of asanas from 

Unroll your mat, take a nice deep breathe and start exploring the world of yoga moving mindfully and gently.  The sequence of slow, basic asanas and focused breathing will lead us into a peaceful state of being.

From centering postures, standing poses, seated and inversions your body will feel energised and refreshed and your mind calm and focused. It easy and eveloping greater physical strength, stamina, flexibility and balance while improving  your mental clarity, focus and concentration. Respect your body limits, breath consciously and you will be amazed how far you can go!